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Trailer & Synopsis

After seven and a half years of marriage in a family, a child is born with long nose like Lord Ganesha and with one big ear. Everyone in the village starts worshiping Lord Ganesha, starts treating like god ,But after some time it is known that he is not a lord Ganesha, but a child suffering from tumor in his nose. After that the child transforms from Lord Ganesha to human. after knowing the truth ,the people from village starts ignore the child, starts making joke of that child.same person is treated like hell by our society. It was very easy for that child to live as a god, but how much trouble living as a human being in our society. The story of 'Ganpati' revolves around that. It speaks about the difference between man and God, where a man struggles to make himself human.it is social family drama which includes comedy, love, emotions and other various social topic and problems.

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