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Article 20

Article 20

DirectorZhang Yimou

CastsYi Zhang, Zanilia Zhao, Li Ma, Jiayin Lei, Wei Fan, Hewei Yu

Duration141 minutes

GenreCrime, Drama

Trailer & Synopsis

Prosecutor Han Ming (played by Lei Jiayin) is middle-aged, and he wanted to catch up with the last train of his life, but he was involved in a complicated case. Facing the stubborn prosecutor Lu Lingling (played by Ma Li), Han Ming started from the beginning. She was puzzled and flinched, and finally withstood the pressure together with her, turning the suspect's intentional injury into self-defense, and returning the law to fairness and justice.

Article 20 is showing in cinemas since February 22, 2024 to March 27, 2024

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