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Banff Mountain Film Festival 2024



Duration180 minutes

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The 2024 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is a 3 hour celebration of the mountain and adventure sport world. Sharing over 2 1/2 hours of the most exhilarating short films from explorers, runners, mountain bikers, skiers, paddlers and climbers from around the globe. The tour is hot on the heels of the largest and most prestigious mountain festivals in the world, the Banff Mountain Festival, which takes place every November in the mountain town of Banff, in Canada. More than 300 of the world’s best mountain sport, culture, environment, adventure, and exploration films are shown during the week-long event. A selection of award winners and audience favourites then tours the globe, visiting 390 communities and 35 countries as part of the festival’s official world tour. This year, the Australian line-up features two-and-a-half hours of captivating short films shot in some of the most wild and remote corners of the world. The program is packed full of mesmerising cinematography, thought-provoking storylines and adrenaline-inducing action sequences. The original and the best mountain film festival is presented by World Expeditions. For more details visit www.banffaustralia.com.au


Thu May 23, 2024 Change location

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Village Cinemas Geelong

Village Cinemas Geelong

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2024 showtimes in Village Cinemas Geelong Geelong

Event  VpremiumTicket price $32
  • 06:30 PM

Phone: +611300555400


The First Omen
Jeanne du Barry
Wicked Little Letters
Io Capitano (Italian, Eng Sub)