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Jorgovani (Serbian, Eng Sub)

DirectorSinisa Cvetic

CastsGordan Kicic, Sloboda Micalovic, Nebojsa Dugalic, Milutin 'Mima' Karadži?, Ivan Bosilj?i?

Duration83 minutes




Celebrities are people, and people are all kinds. Igor (Ivan Bosilj?i?) and Katarina (Sloboda Mi?alovi?), the main actor and actress of the melodrama series "When lilacs smell" are together both on and off the screen. Blinded by flashes and deafened by applause, they, although inseparable, neither heard nor saw each other for a long time... Until the awards ceremony for the best series of the year, where the whole team will gather and discover together that dirty laundry stinks more if it is branded.

Jorgovani (Serbian, Eng Sub) is showing in cinemas since April 04, 2024 to April 24, 2024

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